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There are two types of ‘Brake Pressure Differential Warning Actuator’ (PDWA) valves which may be found under the bonnet of your dual line-braked Midget 1500cc. They may be easily identified by the material that the main valve body is made from. The one you are more likely to find is the cast iron item (AAU2583), which was the factory fitment during the period in which your car was built. On earlier USA market cars, plus other vehicles from the British Leyland line up, a brass PDWA valve (13H5905) was fitted, new brass valves have at times been more prevalent in the classic car spares market, with the result that many are now fitted to late model Midget 1500cc’s.

As assemblies, the cast iron and brass valves are inter-changeable, however the actuator switches screwed into the bodies are not. The switch to fit the brass valve, RTC826, has a coarse pitch thread of approximately 9mm diameter, whereas the switch for the cast iron valve, AAU1700A, has a fine pitch thread of approximately 15mm diameter.

If you wish to rebuild your cast iron valve, use repair kit BAU1775ACCC, for your brass unit, it will be BAU1704ACCC!

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